Floc provides water and wastewater treatment consulting to help our clients to select the right design in effective manner, cost-conscious, minimal impact on the environment and focus on business objectives.

Basic & Detail Engineering Design (BED & DED), 3D Engineering Drawing

We offer design work package from initialisation idea, conceptual model to basic & detail design engineering. If needed, 3D design can also be made available for you to visualize your concept and ideas.

Turnkey, Assembly, Commissioning

Floc provides complete turnkey, assembly, start-up and commissioning of water/wastewater treatment systems. With our expertise and an extensive global innovative technology network, we can create unique treatment systems with extra added values.

Equipment Maintenance

We can help you with maintenance services from small reparation to total refurbishment of your equipment in the treatment plant. For preventing any issues to your overall treatment system, it is recommended to have your system checked regularly and do the necessary maintenance to ensure your systems are running efficiently and safely.


Competent water treatment operators are essential to ensure safe operations of water/wastewater systems. Our team provides training and also delivers “hands-on” materials for your operator staff. We guide and monitor their work to a certain extent and duration of time to ensure that they can work independently or with minimum supervision. We also provide custom-made operator trainings for specific projects.

Containerized Unit for Rental or Purchase

Mobile and modular containerized water treatment systems are available for lease or purchase. The containerized unit is custom-made design based on your wastewater characteristics and certain volume capacity.

Lab Test and Water Analysis

In order to select the right technology and treatment solution, it is highly recommended to perform complete water analysis. Our proposed treatment design will be based on parameters contained in the waste(water) and pollutants loading.

For specific/suspicious wastewater, preliminary lab testing is also recommended to be done. This is to prevent that you would waste your money while investing on such treatment system. We can help you with investigating the characteristics of your (waste) water.