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We offer the full range of water and wastewater treatment solutions, including consultancy, lab and pilot testing, system design, basic & detail engineering, fabrication, installation, commissioning, training, operations and maintenance of your water and wastewater systems.
Separately we execute Environmental Management studies and appraisals for companies and governments.

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We Test, Design, Deliver, Guarantee

The Way We Work: We always will strife to become and stay your trustworthy partner. We offer quality and compliant systems to promise and client request. We work on facts to make a design to your requested water standards to prevent a wrong design that will affect your CAPEX, OPEX and final discharge compliance. Systems need to be robust, reliable, easy to install and operate for many years to come.

Cost Effective and Robust Technologies

Based on your specific project needs and water quality standards, we can customize and design conform your requirements, which can be simple or advanced technology. In general, we always aim for systems that have the water quality standards as foreseen, are robust, reliable, lowest energy-operations cost. Simplicity in operations and low maintenance go together as our guarantee for operations that are free of worry.

Compare Systems on Pollutants Removal Efficiency and Performance, Durability, Cost, Then Decide.

We have a whole range of Wastewater Treatment Systems for Domestic, Commercial, Municipalities and Heavy Industries. The category of Biological Treatment Systems is among the leading in the world based on hard facts on proven high pollutant(s) removal efficiencies, durability and investment-OPEX cost appraisal. We can support you in calculating the most optimal solution for your waste water challenge

We help the client to monitor the results of our installed system. This is to make sure that the system runs as it should be.

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