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Lamella Clarifier

Lamella Clarifier is designed to remove particulates/sediments from liquids. The clarifier can be used in a wide range of applications from industry, surface and groundwater, backwashing of sand filters, as well as in sewage treatment plants that serve as primary and tertiary clarification systems for industrial sewage or waste streams. The plates provide a large effective settling area, resulting in up to 80% less footprint compared to traditional settling tanks.

Lamella clarifiers are ideal for applications where solids loading is variable and solids sizes are OK. They are more common than conventional clarifiers in many industrial sites, due to their smaller footprint.

Depending on the type of solids deposition characteristics, Floc can offer pre-treatment units that can be combined with lamella clarifiers and we can also upgrade and optimize your existing plant. The lamellas can be installed in round or rectangular tank units.

Applications :

  • Drinking water
  • Industrial water treatment
  • Surface water clarification
  • Primary and tertiary sedimentation
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